#33 - Cultivating a Holistic Approach To Life, With Amandine LĂ©ger

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Episode 33 - I'm pleased to welcome Amandine Leger, Sports Coach, YouTube & Instagram Content Creator and Entrepreneur. We discuss:

● The journey that led her to become a sports coach and then an entrepreneur after leaving school early.

● Her view of the women's fitness ecosystem and how it has evolved in the media and social networks.

● Her approach to "fitness" that takes the whole person and of which she is the prime example, at the top of her game at 36 years old.

● The reasons that drove her to become vegan 4 years earlier and the impacts it has had.

● How she was able to build her business today, after an initial failure and through the power of learning and constant personal development.

● The role of her sparse entourage in her entrepreneurial life, as well as how she manages to flourish her married life in this never ending stream of work.

Enjoy your listening! 😃

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