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Article: #30 - Obligés De Souffrir Pour Grandir, With Elio Avila Muñoz

#30 - Forced To Suffer To Grow, With Elio Avila Muñoz

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Episode 30 - I have the pleasure of chatting again with my friend Elio Avila Muñoz! In this open discussion we discuss: 

● Is suffering necessary for our growth as a person?
● The role of motivation through positive and negative emotions and how to try to make the most of them to move forward.
● The notion of "Infernal Spiral" that I talked about in episode 27: How to get out of it? What role do our surroundings play in this? Is it sometimes necessary to fall low enough to find the motivation to bounce back?
● Are we really free to make our own choices? Or are they so influenced by everything that has happened so far that it is as if everything is already written?

    Happy listening! 😃

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    1 comment

    Hi Eric!
    I listened to your podcast right after you quickly introduced it in your last video and pwah what a subject you put on even though I'm sure you barely realize it! It's just huge to be able to hear these questions formulated out loud and these frames of answers, thoughts, especially when you never thought you'd hear them in someone else's mouth :0 (Typically the cold shower question but seriously I thought I was dreaming when you mentioned that!!)
    Anyway, a big thank you to you and to Elio for this episode which motivates so much... to go down to go up better? To go up directly ? To go down even lower...? To go up to the highest point ? ;)
    Thanks and good luck !


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