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Making VERY FAST progress at Home Body Weight 🔥

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After writing an article on "how to do your push-ups like a real pro!", today I will explain to you how progress quickly to bodyweight at home 🔥

Whether for a movement yet complicated for you or on the contrary in your quest to chain even more one exercise that you master already well, for your pleasure or to take a sports or military test, you've come to the right place 💪

In this article, I will introduce you to a simple method and extremely effective for you improve, you can use it everyday and anywhere. 

This method is known as Greasing the Groove. I first heard about it about 10 years ago in a book by Pavel Tsatsouline, and have used it several times successfully since.



It is well known, the more we say again un movement, the more we strengthens la neuromuscular transmission and therefore no longer our brain trains and improves to control our body and our muscles. For example, to play the piano, we will have to train our brain to control the movements and strength of our hands and fingers very precisely in order to be able to master this very technical art.

What's less intuitive, though, is that our strength also works the same way, so if we treat it like the very technical art that it can be, we can improve it very quickly. 

It must be taken into account that the body needs recover its efforts and that 30 seconds of traction will require more than 30 seconds of piano. 

This method works mainly for train technique and strength. It is especially perfect for improve on exercises for which you can only do few repetitions, but it will also be effective for increase your muscular endurance on long series.


In summary, the purpose of the method is toget as many reps as possible possible over a given period and for a chosen exercise, which will be divided into several sets below maximum, with plenty of rest between each of them. All this without interfering with a fixed training program.



The polyarticular exercises are those for which this method will work the better. And even if this includes all those of classic bodybuilding, the best options will surely be the exercises at body weight and those for which you very often have the necessary equipment, not very far.


In addition, you must already be able to do at least 3 full reps following for the desired exercise or already hold it 3 or 4 seconds for isometric figure.


sports exercises

You have understood it, you must absolutely avoid failure and fatigue each set and so the recommendation would be to make them last between 40 and 60% of your maximum time or repetitions which you will need to test first.

Every two weeks you can tests your new Pigmentation to readjust your series where you can simply gradually increase Instinctively. 

Be careful, you want to apply yourself to making only perfect repetitions when you're training strength or technique, since it's the actual execution of those movements that you want to burn into your brain. To do this method, we will generally choose 1 single exercise both to work on. It is possible to go up to two, but you will have to be very careful not to overtrain and the results on each will be diminished.

If you really want to try, choose 2 exercises that target different muscle groups or objectives and you can alternate between the two on the same day or alternate them every other day.

body weight exercises

For this method, you want to be completely fresh before each set, which involves long rest times between her. the minimum rest recommended is 15 minutes, but it depends in my opinion on the exercise and the effort provided. The longer your sets or the more advanced exercises, the longer your minimum rest should also be.

Personally, I rather take 30 to 45 minutes minimum to be sure. 

rest exercises weight training

A quick note on warming up:

Ideally, we would like to choose exercises for which you only need to warm up very little, simply to avoid it taking too long. So it will depend on you and your situation. Either you warm up the important joints just enough, or you find a way around these problems. For example, I can't do Handstand or completely cold floor planks without hurting my wrist.


On the other hand, it is no longer a problem when I do them cold on Push Up Handles !

parallettes eric flag

Now let's see how to implement all of this into your week.



The purpose of this method is to complement of normal workouts, not to replace them, nor to penalize them by default. The method is perfect for your days off in a reasonable quantity, that is to say as long as it does not prevent you from recovering enough to be in good shape for your usual sessions. On your training days, I do not recommend the method if your session involves the same muscle groups as the chosen exercise.

street workout training program

If not, limit it anyway enough to be sure not to be tired. Even if you can technically do it every day, feel free to take a full day off of this method per week or at any time, if you feel the need because you are tired, that the series seem much harder to you that day, that the evening of the day before ended quite late, in short, rest at the feeling. 

As for the chosen exercise, you can change it whenever you want, but I would recommend at a minimum 2 or 3 weeks away on one move and a measurable improvement in your max before moving on to another. 



I'll give you some concrete examples, let's say you want to improve your traction.

First stage : know your maximum current in condition. Let's imagine that you do 9. You will therefore start on series of 4 or 5 that you will do several times throughout your day, with at least thirty minutes of rest between each, you continue this over several weeks by bypassing back and pull training, then either increase your series by one repetition following your feelings, or test your maximum from time to time at the start of the day, to calibrate your series on it. 



As for your workouts, I strongly advise you to keep a written trace somewhere of all this, for example in a computer spreadsheet, in a small notebook or simply in the notes of your telephone.



Another example, you can absolutely use this method to learn how to do your first pull-up and it will be extremely effective and fast for that.

Since precisely, your brain still knows very little about this movement. you can do series of negative pulls throughout your days.

And there, either you rely on your maximum repetition of a given duration like 2 or 3 controlled seconds and you will do series of a few negatives, either you base it on your maximum controlled descent time one pull-up and you'll be doing one-rep sets throughout your days, but you'll only be holding for 50% of your max time.

It is also possible to train with the help of elastic bands

progress traction

I took pull-ups as an example, but it also works great for advanced isometric figures.



Personally, I use this method on my Levitate Bar for reinforce more my Front Lever and with my max at around 5 seconds, I sometimes work it out in short 2 or 3 second rounds throughout my day. Again, the method is very efficient to work on and obtain this final movement.

Front Lever

So you can also use it to improve your time for any progression of a trick, just like when you assist yourself to do it, for example with a elastic band.

I really like working with a band because it allows me to have more time under tension in the end position by doing longer sets, which are easier to measure and count in my head when I do them than sets of 2 or 3 seconds only.

Front raise progression

Finally, the last most obvious example but I mention it anyway, allocating a certain fixed time for practice

The best example being the Handstand, as long as you have the necessary strength, but not the balance. In this case, you can apply the method by allocating a certain time of your choice to train like 2 to 15 minutes before resting a good time according to the duration chosen and starting again throughout the day. 



We will conclude by seeing how you can easily implement this method on a daily basis.

In the idea, you're almost going to want to make it a new habit. Most of the habit-related tips you can find will apply here. An effective technique and to associate a mental recall to one habit existing or a daily activity that is repeated regularly. For example, you can do a small set every time you pass your pull-up bar, every time you take a little break from work...

Another method, very methodical, but which I use a lot at the moment, is to simply restart a countdown on my phone. Every time it rings and reminds me it's time for a streak, I make myself a streak.

body weight progression

Clearly, this method is a volume game, i.e. its purpose is just to help rack up more reps and time under tension on an exercise within a day, week, week. 'a month. All that without impacting negatively the main drives or overall recovery of the same period.

And so, it is possible and even recommendable not to use it too strictly. There is no obligation to wait X sets or repetitions over a period and there is zero guilt to have if you ever miss a day. It's just an additional weapon in your arsenal to improve yourself which, moreover, will never require you to provide a lot of physical or psychological effort in one go. 

Here is the fact sheet:

GTG method

I hope this will all be useful, to find the video on this subject: click here

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In the meantime, take care of yourself 💪

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