Dip Bars
Dip Bars
Dip Bars
Dip Bars
Dip Bars
Dip Bars
Dip Bars

Dip Bars

Selling price 109,90€

Dip bars / high parallel bars designed to train you anywhere!

• Dip bars with optimized dimensions.
• Guaranteed stability thanks to the 55 cm legs.
• Ultra-solid, up to 250 kg load.
• Easily removable and transportable.

Tall parallel bars represent essential equipment to perform your dips, as well as a multitude of other exercises such as leg lifts, the L-Sit, Australian pull-ups, plank variations, or the front & back lift.

Excellent stability: Thanks to the 55 cm long legs, our parallel bars guarantee you stability throughout your workout. 

Optimal sizes : Our parallel bar dips offer a height greater than other bars on the market (90 cm) as well as a width of 68 cm to accommodate all types of morphologies and give you maximum work space.

Premium quality: Made of high quality Steel, thicker than normal for rock solid strength, our high dip bars can support a maximum load of 250 kg. Smooth matte finish for maximum aesthetics and comfort when handling.

Easy assembly and disassembly: A user manual comes with the Dip Bars for a step by step explanation. All assembly tools are supplied as well as spare parts.

Discover Eric's article on our Blog: Gain muscle and strength with dips!

Why do dips?

Dips are an essential bodyweight exercise and allow you to effectively strengthen the upper body (triceps, pectorals and shoulders).

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Alexander S
Great bars!

In the top !! I love the quality, the perfect thickness of the bars and excellent stability! In short, thank you for this mat :)

Yellowish Valentine
Top bars but boring tips

Impeccable and high bars which allows you to do weighted Dips.
So on the other hand the tips of the feet it was infamous to put! I spent at least 30 minutes there.

Christopher Oliver
dip bar

I searched the net for a long time for dip bars, each time the stability and grip came back, and frankly I'm not disappointed with Eric's bars.
I would say only one thing is that the plastic tips are not easy to put on, but with a tiler's mallet so as not to damage anything, it went perfect.
Nice quality.

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